"Seek a reasonable return for a reasonable risk and avoid excesses.  I am an investor, not a gambler."














"It is very important to identify exactly what it is you hope to accomplish when investing your money."




I began in business as an independent in 1988, recognizing the need of individuals and small-company retirement plans for professional, conservative investment management.

My clients are largely individuals, people like you.  They may be running their own business, or working for a major corporation, or recently retired.  But they share a common ground:  they have not the time nor the desire to oversee the investments that ensure their future.  And they believe that the best course of action is to engage someone whose business it is to do so.

If you fit this profile, your choices are diverse:  mutual funds; banks and trust companies; and private investment counseling firms large and small, domestic and international; all are competing for your business.  Why then should you select me?

The answer is personal service and involvement.  If your assets are less than five to ten million dollars you may discover that you are a second-class citizen to many of the larger financial institutions.  My clients typically believe, as I do, that bigger is not necessarily better.  Regardless of size, your account is important to me.

Unlike managers who may run hundreds of millions, or even billions, for faceless pension plans or mutual funds, I know my clients personally.  This gives me a perspective that larger firms may not have.  I do not hand off the management of your account to an underling.  I alone select and oversee your investments, along guidelines that you and I have determined.  When you call, you will speak with me directly.

The growth of my firm is not my primary concern.  I do not view money management as a race or a contest.  My clients tend to develop into friends.  I am concerned with the preservation of their money--I take it very personally.  Especially so since my own money is invested in the same manner and in the same issues that I buy for my clients.

philosophy is that the people who hire me have already made their money, and are primarily interested in protecting it and in making it grow in a prudent manner.  I seek clients that can ignore current investment fads and focus instead upon consistent returns attained with minimal risk over the longer term.  I offer what these clients seek:  conservative, prudent participation in the stock and bond markets.

goal is to provide you with a comfort and performance level that will lead you to suggest to your spouse or heirs that mine is a firm they can rely upon in the years going forward.

My approach is long-term, conservative, and risk-averse.  I manage accounts in several different styles, principal among them:


Fixed Income  

and a Balance of Stocks, Bonds, and Convertible issues 

(for more detail, also see "Services and Strategies").  I will tailor an account to meet your specific needs.  My fees are very competitive.

I would welcome your inquiry and an opportunity to personally discuss how I might assist you in realizing your financial goals.



You can reach us:

Via telephone at 1-800-JIM PAPPAS (1-800-546-7277)
Via E-mail at
or at the following locations:

5342 Sandham Place

P.O. Box 475

Longboat Key, FL  34228-2056

Redding Ridge, CT  06876-0475

Voice 941-387-9708

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