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Table of Contents

            Opening an account
            Insurance of account by custodian/broker

Balanced Accounts
Biography of James Pappas  
Bond Accounts
      (see also: "Types of Accounts")
Bond Selection
            Recent Purchase Examples

Client Accounts
            Held at broker or bank
Confirmation of trades from broker
            see also
Contact Us   
Convertible Securities (examples of recent purchases)

Dow Jones Industrial Average
    Quarter-end index and performance posted under Quarterly Letters

Equity Accounts (see also:  "Stock Accounts")  
Equity Securities (examples of recent purchases)


Greek Heritage

Industry Association Memberships
Investment management agreement

Letters to Clients
Limited power of attorney (investment management agreement)
            Financial links
            Non-financial links

Management Agreement
Managed Bond Accounts

News Headlines
Opening an Account


Quarterly Letters to Clients
Quote Bar:  live quotes, charts, news, etc. for individual stocks,
                     courtesy of


Standard & Poor's 500 Index
    Quarter-end index and performance posted under Quarterly Letters
            From the broker and JPIC
            See also:
Stock Accounts
            Stock selection
            Examples of stocks owned

Types of Accounts
            Fixed Income
Types of Securities
            Equities, stocks
            Fixed income, bonds
            Balanced, stocks and bonds

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