"Weigh the risks against the returns and be guided by common sense."


James Pappas began his involvement in the investment community in 1967.  Prior to forming JPIC in 1988, he was a founder and General Partner of Macheski/Pappas Asset Management; a member and independent floor trader on the New York Futures Exchange; and a registered representative with Hayden Stone, Inc.; Walston & Co.; and W.E. Hutton.  

He is a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts; of the CFA Institute (formerly named the Association for Investment Management and Research); and of the Investment Company Institute.  The firm is registered in the States of Connecticut and Florida, and operates nationwide.



James Pappas Investment Counsel was formed with the objective of providing professional, conservative investment management to individuals and small-company retirement plans.  We do not strive to be the largest in our industry, but rather to provide you with a highly personalized, "white-glove" service.

Our fee is our only form of compensation.  We do not receive commissions or other payments from brokers or any other party, and we do not sell mutual funds, insurance, annuities, tax shelters or any other products;  we do not accept "soft-dollar" compensation.  There is, therefore, no conflict of interest.  The only way we make more money is if your account grows.

Your account will be held at a custodial agent (a broker or a bank) and insured by that institution.  We do not receive or hold any of your money or securities.  When you hire us, you will sign an investment management agreement which is a limited power of attorney.  The agreement allows us only to make buy and sell decisions in your account.  You will receive confirmations and regular monthly statements from the custodian, and a quarterly statement from us. 

We invest your money with the same care and prudence that we utilize in investing our own funds.

While many people seek out the best-performing managers or funds, we recognize that to be at the top of the performance derby requires an excessive amount of risk.  We further know that assuming such risk does not assure outstanding performance; it can, and often does, lead to losses.  This is not a path that we choose to take:  we will never deploy your hard-earned assets at inappropriate risk levels.  What we will do is utilize conservative methodology to seek consistent returns over the longer term. 

It is our objective to realize your personal goals and to maintain the highest standards of integrity and service.  Our focus is long-term performance and preservation of capital.




You can reach us:

Via telephone at 1-800-JIM PAPPAS (1-800-546-7277)
Via E-mail at j@jpic.net
or at the following locations:

5342 Sandhamn Place

P.O. Box 475

Longboat Key, FL  34228-2056

Redding Ridge, CT  06876-0475

Voice 941-387-9708

Voice 203-938-8916

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