Barsiniko - Taygeti

The village of Barsiniko, recently renamed Taygeti, is

on the Taygetos mountain overlooking Mystra and Sparta, Greece

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Families from Barsiniko / Taygeti:







     Kavathas  or  Cavathas



     Koronios or Coronios

     Kounoupis or Counoupis





     Michalopoulos  or  Mihalopoulos


     Pavles or Pavlis


     Vakionas or Bakionas





Families from Mystra
















     Xronis (Cronis, Hronis)

     Others from Mystra


Families from Sparta and Other Villages















The Monastery and
Holy Abbey Zoodoxos Pigi








     Mystra and Nearby Villages



New!  The Male Birth Records
of the Municipality of Mystras
from 1834, posted by Theodoros




   Jim Pappas, Mary Pappas and Tom Pappas (XepappaV)


Gia sou!   Welcome!  You have probably arrived at this page as a result of a search on the name of the village, or on the family names of inhabitants.  My own Greek forebears (Xepapas, Stroumboulis, Tzanetea, Pavlis) came from Mystra and Barsiniko.

I would very much like to hear from anyone with connections to any families originating in Barsiniko or Mystra, or neighboring villages, such as Anavriti, Soha, Magoula, Tripi, Parori, Anoyia, Vlachohorio, Pikoulianika, Kato Choria, etc.  Please email me at  (put something in the subject line that will prevent me from deleting your message as spam).

With time and input from you, I will expand this page to include your comments, new names,  information and photos.  It is hoped that family researchers can gain new insight here eventually, and/or make contact with others.

If you allow me, I will post your email address, so that others can contact you directly.  If you have photos that would be appropriate for our Photo page, please send them along as well.


Barsiniko (or Barsinikos), recently renamed Taygete,  is a tiny village on the Tayegetos mountain, above Mystras, near Sparta, Greece.  It is reached by a paved and signed road (E4) from Mystra.  From the village you can look down at the medieval castle in Mystra, the village of Nea Mystra and the city of Sparta.

Hiking trails lead to the village from Mystras and Anavriti.

There are variant spellings of the name, including Persiniko, Varsiniko, Barsinicou, Vassinico, Varsinico, etc., and often there is an "s" at the end (e.g., Barsinikos).  For example, on the sign in Mistras, pictured above, it is spelled Varsiniko (Anglicized pronunciation); further up the road, closer to the village, is another sign (see the photo page) which spells the name as Barsiniko (first two letters are the Greek Mi and Pi, together pronounced "B").

The new name, Taygete,  is also subject to variations.  On the map published by Road Editions, Number 51, you will see the village listed as Taigeti (English transliteration), while on a couple of road signs it is spelled slightly differently.

In 1981 I was told by Panayiotis Kakaletris, then the priest in Barsiniko,  that the village was founded about 1460-1470, with perhaps 30 original families.  This would coincide with the Turkish occupation.   While at one time there may have been as many as 80 families there, at the time of that visit (1981) the village was almost deserted.  

I visited again, in the summer of 2006, and today there are several families once again living there with a couple of houses being built or restored.  The town is only inhabited during the summer months.  My guess is that the resurgence of the community is due to the summer camp for children which takes place at the monastery (see below) one km above Barsiniko.  That is likely also the reason that there is a decent road up the mountain today--there was no road at all until the 1970's.

The village is thought to have taken it's name from the lush vegetation and forest that existed on the side of the hill upon which it was built.  For information on the area, try this link:


Zoodoxos Pigi

Further up the Tayegetos Mountain from Barsiniko is a beautiful small monastery, named Zoodoxos Pigi (this link is in Greek, my apologies to non-Greek speakers).  The church itself is original, while the adjacent monastery has been rebuilt using old materials.  The abbey is preserved as an historical monument and is protected by the Ministry of Culture.  You can find photos of the monastery on our Photo Page.  Father Panayiotis Kakaletris, mentioned above, was instrumental in the preservation and restoration, and his photo hangs in the one of the rooms of the monastery.

I first posted this page in an effort to satisfy my curiosity about my family and their villages.  My interest has since expanded to include anyone who is connected to Barsiniko, Mystra and the general area.

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And...Please send me your comments.

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Families from Barsiniko:  (alternate spellings listed in parentheses)


Coutros  (Cutros, Koutros)

                           contact:  Alexandria Silance  atsilance @  Coutros family from Anavriti and Barsiniko

Demetrakakis  (Demetrokakis, Dimitrakakis, Dimetrakakis, etc.)  also Demetrakis

                            contact:  Nick Kakaletris   nkaknct @  grandmother born Barsiniko

                            contact:  Joanne Dimitrakakis  Jdimis @, born in Barsiniko

Hilidonis  (Helidonis, Heledonis, Hiledonis, etc.)    please email me

Kakaletris  (Kakaletri, Kacaletris, Kacaletri, Cacaletris, Cakaletris, etc.)

                            contact:  Nick Kakaletris   nkaknct @  father born Barsiniko

                            contact:  Betty Kakaletris  bettyatpsi @  grandfather born Barsiniko

                            contact:  Tom Kakaletris  christakak @  father born Barsiniko

                            contact:  Georgina Kakaletris  georgie1959 @  family from Barsiniko & Mystra

                            contact:  George Kakaletris  gkakaletris @  father born Barsiniko


                          contact: George Karounos  georkar @   great-g-grandfather born in Barsiniko and was priest there

                               contact:  John Karounos  jksr @   born in Barsiniko

                               contact:  Theodoros Karounos  karounos @ 

      Kavathas    (Cavathas, etc.) 

                                contact:  Costas Cavathas  pilot @  family from Vitineika, possible connections to Barsiniko

     Kerassiotes        please email me

     Kerithonis        please email me


     Kounoupis    (Counoupis, etc.)

                         contact:  George Kounoupis  hklaw @  relatives named Xepapas, Kakaletris, Karounos and Coutros

     Lambrinos        please email me

     Maniateas        please email me

     Papayiannopoulos     please email me

      Pavlis or Pavles    contact:  Jim Pappas  great-grandmother from Barsiniko 

      Saris    please email me

     Vakionas        please email me

      Vardamaskos  (Vardamasko, Vardamascos, Vardamasco, etc.)

                                           contact:  Joanne Dimitrakakis  Jdimis @, born in Barsiniko

      Xepapas (Xepapa, Xepappas, etc.)   contact:  Jim Pappas  grandfather from Barsiniko


Families from Mystra:  (variant spellings of names are in parentheses, e.g., Mystras, Mistra, Mistras)

    Colomvakis  (Kolomvakis, Colombakis, etc.)

                         contact:  Georgina Kakaletris  georgie1959 @  family from Barsiniko & Mystra


                           contact:  Carol Kostakos Petranek  cgpetranek @  family from Mystra

Kakaletris  (Kakaletri, Kacaletris, Kacaletri, Cacaletris, Cakaletris, etc.)

                            contact:  Jimmy Kakaletris  jameskaye @ or  jameskaye007 @  father born Mystra

                            contact:  Georgina Kakaletris  georgie1959 @  family from Barsiniko & Mystra

                            contact:  Harrison Jozefowicz  edward5010 @

Lambrinos  (Lamprinos, etc.)

                             contact:  John Karounos  jksr @

Maltezos  contact:  John Vasilakos  johnvas @


Markopoulos    contact:  John Vasilakos  johnvas @

Mavrakas   contact:  John Vasilakos  johnvas @

Milihianou   contact:  John Vasilakos  johnvas @ 

Sarantakos   contact:  John Vasilakos  johnvas @

Stroumboulis  (Stroumpoulis, Stroumpulis, Strumpoulis, Strumboulis, Strumbulis, Strouboulis, etc.)

                            contact:  Jim Pappas  grandmother born Mystra

Tzanetea  (Tzaneteas, Tsanetea, Tsaneteas, Janetteas, etc.)

                            contact:  John Janetos  lazyjranch @

   Vahaviolos   contact: Athanasia Tia Vahaviolos  tia @

   Vavaroutsos   contact:  Theo Vavas  theovavas @

   Velikas     contact:  Maria Ritco   ritcom69 @   family from Mystra

                          contact:  John Vasilakos   johnvas @

Vasilakos    contact:  John Vasilakos  johnvas @  extended family in Mystra and surrounding

   Xronis (or Cronis, Hronis)  contact:  John Vasilakos  johnvas @ 




Family Names that I suspect originate in Mystra or Barsiniko:

   Bakakeas     please email me

Koronios  (Coronios, Koranios, Koroniou, etc.)  contact:  Steve Adoniou  adoniou @

Lascaris     please email me

Lambracos     please email me

Michalopoulos or Mihalopoulos    please email me

Zaglanicas    please email me

Also please contact me for any of these names:  Aghelopoulos, Androutsos, Christeas, Colomalis, Eftaxia, Kanelakos, Karydis, Kastanes or Kastanis, Katsifris, Lascaris, Lionnis, Mavraki or Mavrakis, Parascevacou, Sapatis, Sarantoulias, Seliutari, Targis, Terris, Vatopoulous.   


Family Names that originate in Sparta and nearby villages:

     From Sparta:


                             contact:  Harrison Jozefowicz  edward5010 @

   From Anavriti and from Agios Ioannis:

      Kalamaras (Calamaras)
contact:  Dean Calamaras  dcalamaras @

contact:   Gwen Penniston  gylyn2002 @  grandfather from Anavriti


                                contact:  Carol Kostakos Petranek  cgpetranek @

From Agios Ioannis:

        Aridas       contact:  Carol Kostakos Petranek  cgpetranek @

        Papagiannakos       contact:  Carol Kostakos Petranek  cgpetranek @

From Tripi:

       Arniotis   contact:  Theo Vavas  theovavas @

       Kontoulakos (Kondoulakos, Kondolakos, etc.)  

                         contact:  Don Day,  doncday @  family from Tripi

                                               (also Kontos, Kondos or Condos, etc.)

          Retsina   contact:  Theo Vavas  theovavas @


From Pikoulianika:

      Vahaviolos   contact: Athanasia Tia Vahaviolos  tia @





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